(ZeroPro: 31/10/22)

As of October 31, the $SPY has continued to hold the key $355 level which reclaimed around two weeks ago, showing no further decline.

Investors will likely be looking at earnings season for a positive break should any of the bigger blue-chip companies provide solid reports.

(ZeroPro: 31/10/22)

Looking at $META, unless you were trading to the short side, things may be feeling bleak after the ticker fell under the $100 level after its October 26 earnings report.

Whilst it's the season for earnings, it’s also seemingly the season for gap and craps.

What many may not realize is that traders can turn a profit when stocks go down. While stock market patterns can go in and out of fashion, sometimes working and other times not. There’s been some failed follow through in small cap stocks, particularly on day one (gappers) failing (crapping) at or near the market open in the mornings. Let’s take a look below.

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Day 1 Gapper failed follow through: $INPX

(ZeroPro: 24/10/22)

After making a run a few weeks earlier, $INPX on October 17, gapped up again overnight. As you can see from the open, it could not hold the $8.30 line and subsequently fell to $7 offering short sellers, who timed it well, more than $1 per share.

(FlashSEC: 24/10/22)

Interestingly, it fell to as low as the $3s in the days that followed. See above, some SEC filings indicating potential opportunities for dilution that could have caused the move down.

Day 1 Gapper failed follow through: $RMED

(ZeroPro: 24/10/22)

$RMED, one day after $INPX, fell on October 18. It also couldn’t hold a key level in the morning. Once it broke $7.70, it retraced throughout the rest of the day.

Day 1 Gapper failed follow through: $HOOK

(ZeroPro: 24/10/22)

$HOOK, two days after $RMED, fell on October 20. It also couldn’t hold a key level around the $1.65 area. Those who had the stomach to hold all day would have generated a nice return on investment.

While these patterns may be new to some, to others I’ll be repeating information they already know. Most often, what separates a trader is not their knowledge of a pattern but their discipline in executing it across the days, months and years.

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To Conclude:

  • The stock market is about spotting patterns that go through periods of working and not working.

  • Currently, we’ve seen a lot of stocks break support at the open before fading in the morning and sometimes the afternoon, too.

  • Many traders are familiar with stock trading patterns so often it is mindset that separates one winning trader from the other.

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