Institutional Clients Only

TradeZero America is a leading provider of Equity Derivatives Execution services.

Headquartered on the NYSE American Options exchange, TZA is uniquely positioned to keep our clients informed, and through our liquidity aggregation methods and relationships, achieve depth and pricing resulting in superior fills and satisfied customers.

Equity Derivatives Trading

  • TradeZero America handles trade execution just steps from the option pits.
  • TZA executes our clients trades in a discrete and anonymous manner giving our clients comfort.

What We Do

Equity Derivatives Execution

  • We aggregate liquidity from multiple sources via Long term relationships.
  • We help option traders get best pricing, non-conflicted advice, and white glove discreet execution.
  • We keep our clients up to date on trade prints, trade color, and breaking & emerging situations.
  • TZA acts as an outsourced trading desk and added set of trusted eyes and ears in client names and sectors.
  • TZA operates strictly on an agency basis and we never trade against our clients, allowing for total commitment to our clients best interests.
  • TZA's institutional derivatives desk sources liquidity and price discovery for large option orders using it's extensive network of risk-dilution client base.

Why People Choose Us

Options Trading

TZA leverages our strong relationships to find traders hungry to make competitive markets. Here on the street, it is often said "it's who you know that matters", and that spirit drives us to leave no stone left un-turned in our quest for liquidity, discovering new players, and building our network of viable traders.

Our clients are a leading class of institutional players including

  • Buy Side

    Hedge Funds, Ria's, high net worth traders

  • Sell Side

    Banks, market makers and trading groups.

  • IDB/Brokers

    We service brokers worldwide needing crosses or to tap into our liquidity network.

Reverse Conversions

Delta One Options Trading


Our clients communicate and place orders in many ways including Phone, ICE chat, Bloomberg, Electronic Connectivity via FIX connection.


  • TradeZero is led by a team of dedicated Sales Traders with decades of options execution experience. We collectively leverage our decades of product knowledge and market insights to achieve superior results.
  • TZA is committed to providing best-ex solutions by working hand in with our clients. We work with clients to identify and deploy strategies consistent with their mandates and relevant benchmarks. TZA takes pride in our VIP white glove treatment of our clients.
  • We respond and iterate quickly. We focus on innovation in electronic connections and trade execution and reporting. TZA is recognized for its liquidity aggregation abilities, and strives to stay consistent with the values, and tradition of excellence here on the NYSE.
  • TZA options has a depth and global footprint allowing for a deep discovery process-which is essential on the more difficult to source structures such as smaller cap names ADR's/country ETF R/cs etc.

Contact Us

Give us a call 212.306.1970 or email anytime to